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Molecules alterations.

Our cells consist of DNA, RNA, proteins, fats, and other small molecules. Some of these molecules are long-lived and become damaged over time, impeding their function; others are over-produced as we age, building up and forming aggregates as the ability of our cells to recycle these molecules declines.


People have been looking for immortality for a long time.
Entering the 21st century, people have especially accelerated their search for immortality.It was the same time that the wealthiest people in the world felt old.

Many companies around the world are spending a great deal of time and money searching for immortality.But no one has it yet. In other words, everyone was far from finding the entrance to immortality. But Armadyne Corp., an affiliate of the House of Orsini, was different. It's like God's will. Most of the regenerative medicine technologies such as ES cells, bone marrow cells, umbilical cord blood cells, adipocytes, and reprogramming cells were in the hands of Armadyne Corp.

And Armadyne Corp knows. Unfortunately, the fact that conventional stem cell therapy and gene technology cannot immortalize, regenerate, or revive.

For example, the world's first successful bone marrow cell therapy for heart disease was the doctors of our affiliate HEART GENESIS. At the same time, it has successfully treated diabetes and Parkinson's disease. However, they soon realized that bone marrow cells have limitations. But they had specialized stem cells from Armadyne Corp. They treated five patients with severe heart failure for whom no donor was available using Armadyne's stock of specialized stem cells. As a result, one died of another disease, but the other four are still living in good health seven years later. There are treatments in the world that only our group can provide. And there is the holy grail technology that only our group can do.

To control aging

By building new therapy that target the mechanisms underlying disease, we can treat damage at the molecular level long before symptoms manifest. There are problems that must be overcome in order to complete immortality. It is said that. Below are some common human physical problems. However, the most important content is missing in this. 

DNA Damage


Epigenetic loss of information


Disrupted Proteostasis


Tissue degeneration

Non-regenerating adult tissue


Changes in endocrine signaling


Stiffening of extracellular matrix


Cellular dysfunction

Loss of tissue stem cells


Overactive cell growth signals


Buildup of Dameged Cells


Mitochondrial damage

Death is just a technical problem.
By switching the input schedule, immortality becomes possible.
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