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Orsini Cell Bank

Risk management banking against unknown viruses and bacteria that will occur in the future.
TheHouse of Orsini recommends specialty cell banks for everyone.

House of Orsini promotes cell banking (Sperm, Skin, Blood, etc.) in collaboration with its affiliate Armadyne Corp.'s Cell Banking (Sperm, Skin, Blood, etc.). Everyone should do cell banking urgently.


It is known that there are many variants of the current coronavirus.
However, the sequelae of these mutated coronaviruses and vaccines entering the body are unknown.For example, we do not know about mutations in cells or genes in you or your loved ones in 5 or 10 years.Therefore, why VIPs around the world have begun risk management of important genes and cells. What should risk management do to protect cells? The best risk management is to deposit cells in a cell bank. Unfortunately, this is not possible at other banks.

We must consider the potential of corona viruses and other pandemics to mutate your genes, DNA and cells.No one knows if a mutation will occur.But what would you do if a gene mutation should occur?There is no choice but to reset the mutated gene.Is it possible to repair your broken gene? We don't know if all the gene repairs are possible. However, the most probable cell bank in the world is ARMADYNE CELL BANK. Because We have reprogramming cell technology. We are the only company in the world to possess this technology.Reprogramming cell technology can bring your mutated genes and cells back to their pre-mutation.To do this, you must freeze your unbroken healthy skin or cells.If by any chance your gene or cell is mutated. In that case, you can use your healthy cells that have been cryopreserved in a hurry to repair broken genes and DNA. In that case, it is highly probable that healthy cells that have been cryopreserved in a hurry can be used to repair broken genes and DNA.


why? Will VIPs in the world choose the Orsini cell bank?
Cell banking required to protect genes

Cell bank for youth

Sperm Bank
Reprogramming Cell Bank
Exosome Bank
Fibroblast Bank
Reprogramming Cell Bank
Exosome Bank
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