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Modern affluent women and men who live a purpose-driven life know that their time + optimal -physical or mental vigor- health are the most precious resources in life -that money can’t buy.


Currently, even with the use of conventional medicine (which only treat the symptoms of diseases), once your most precious resources of time and vitality are gone -including your rejuvenating (self-healing) capacity of youth, you can never get them back.


With each passing day, time and aging slowly steals away your vitality and self-healing capacity. Your aging body becomes slightly less robust, in a cruel time coordinated semi-synchronous decay, with relentless cascading impairments of health and tissue and vital organ (mal)function, mediated by a mixture of age related diseases, disabilities, and troublesome loss of cognitive and physical function.


Indeed, whether you are the most famous person in history, or the person of the highest social status, or the wealthiest affluent person in society, the single greatest quest that has yet to be achieved: The Quest to find the Keys to the Fountain of Youth! 


What are the key biological mechanisms that cause aging?

What are the key biological mechanisms that govern rejuvenating tissue, organ regeneration and reversing cell age?         


What are unprecedented breakthroughs that could enable precision modulation of Key Biological Mechanisms that cause aging; that could restore the rejuvenating (self-healing) capacity of youth, and could radically extend the human life span?


Breakthroughs in cellular reprogramming, regenerative medicine cellular therapy combined with innovation and technological breakthroughs in platforms like biomodulation devices, artificial intelligence, genome sequencing and mind-blowing increase in computing power show that we Humans already possess the Keys to the Fountain of Youth; and the technological advancements will only increase by 1,000’s times in over the next 10 years.


Humans are very close to achieving "immortality" – the ability to decide our expiration date. Not to live forever, but rejuvenate the aged body to the age of 30, or 40 years old, radically extending the human life span. That is the mission of House of Orsini.

How much longer do you have left to live?
No one knows the answer.
That's why the time you have left is precious.

The Holy Grail

According to the legend, the Holy Grail was Jesus's cup (vessel) from the Last Supper, which Joseph used to catch the blood of Christ's that flowed from his side at the crucifixion. The blood of Christ was said to have miraculous powers, used as a healing elixir to regenerate the human body and bestows immortality for those who drank from it.


In the 21st century, although we have nothing to do with the Holy Grail legend, our co-founding scientists of Armadyne Corp, an affiliate of the House of Orsini, was recognized for a “Holy Grail” level breakthrough in the world’s first human somatic cell reprogramming; and called a potential “elixir of life.” Our founding team members were involved in pioneering clinical translation of various stem cell therapies, cell fusion, biomodulation technologies and other bio-technologies.

The hourglass in our bodies is dying every minute.

In other words, our cells are aging every moment.

Even the richest person in the world or the highest IQ in the world cannot escape aging and death.

And what do you do?

The Revival Center at HOUSE OF ORSINI is an anti-aging center with the most near-revival technology in the world.

HOUSE OF ORSINI continues to search for a way to revive at the DNA level.

About Orsini Resurrection Center



Eyes Center






Resurrection Center








Chronic heart failure

​Severe heart failure






Attention improvements

"The only viable definition of rejuvenation for us is not slowing down of the aging process but the function recovery of all systems, organs and tissues to an optimum life quality of person's age - from 30 to 40 years".

About Holy Grail Technology

House of Orsini affiliates include Armadyne Corp. and Omgeneum. Armadyne Corp. and Omgeneum researches and develops treatment methods for diseases for which there is no cure. Treatment of unexplained pain and deformities in the spine, hips and limbs. Treatment of patients with severe heart failure who are difficult to survive without a donor. Treatment of Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease and cerebral palsy. And treatment of patients with severe coronavirus sequelae and untreatable corona virus. Our company was established to overcome diseases that are said to be difficult to treat in these modern medicines and to help patients.

​House of Orsini RESURRECTION CENTER is one of the world’s leading adult stem cell therapy and Next-generation medical care research centers. In close collaboration with universities and physicians world-wide, our comprehensive Next-generation technology and stem cell treatment protocols employ well-targeted combinations of allogeneic to treat diseases and conditions listed below.


Stem cell treatment and innovative therapies at Orsini Resurrection Center.

We provide an integrative and person-centered recovery approach that helps patients with arthritis, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, autism, stroke, COPD, Parkinson's and many more hard-to-treat diseases to improve their condition and reclaim their quality of life.

We have prepared a special time for you.

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